Risk Management

Risk management is the method you employ to identify what your business does, what your customer requires and how you can deliver this. Risk management is about the structured, controlled methods to manage the intended outcomes of your processes. When your risk is managed, it becomes your opportunity to prosper. HSEMA can help you improve opportunity by managing risk.

ISO 31000-Risk Management, provides principles and guidelines to assist organisations in establishing, implementing, operating, maintaining, and continually improving their risk management framework.

ISO 31000 Risk Management Principles

  • Risk management is integrated into the organization’s processes.
  • Risk management is structured and comprehensive.
  • Risk management is customized to your organization.
  • Risk management is inclusive and transparent.
  • Risk management is dynamic, fluid, and responsive to change.
  • Risk management takes into consideration the best available information.
  • Risk management takes into account human factors and the company culture.
  • Risk management encourages and drives continual improvement.